Yadiyuru, Kunigal Tq., Tumkur

Yedeyuru is on the NH-48 Bangalore-Hasan-Mangalore road and the Sri Siddhalingeshwara Swami Temple is one of the most important Pilgrimage centers of the State. Though termed as a Temple, it contains Gaddige (Tomb) i.e., Nirvikalpa Shivayoga Samadhi of Tontada Siddhalinga, a great Veerashaiva teacher and author who flourished at the end of 15th century. He was not born out of Womb, appeared as a baby to Mallikarjuna and Jnanambe who had no hereditary successor. At his life time he had performed 12 years of penance at a garden (Thota) and hence recognized as Thontada Siddhalingeshwara Swamy.He headed the Murugi Muth and had a large following of Disciples some of whom wrote on Veerashaiva faith and philosophy. Hence Yedeyuru is deemed to be a seat of awakened spiritual consciousness.