Shivagange, Bangalore Rural Dt.

Shivagange is the place of Lord Shiva; Noted as Dakshina Kaashi. It is around 30Kms from Tumkur and 55 Kms from Bangalore. Shivagange, a hillock of more than 1000 ft got its name because of the holy shrine of Lord Shiva. There are numerous temples of Shiva, Parvathi and Ganga in the hillock. This place is also called as Dakshina Kaashi – Kaashi/Varanasi of South India. One strange happening here in Shivagange is, if you do an abhishek of ghee in the temple, the same ghee turns in to butter. No, this is not kidding. There are people who have witnessed the same. Hence it is compared with holy shrine Kaashi.