Nijagal, Bangalore Rural Dt.

Nijagal Betta is the hill which is located a few hundred metres from the Bangalore-Tumkur highway, Nijagal Betta is a hillock of ruined temples, forts, caves and striking rock formations. However, much of all this, save for a portion of the fort wall, is not visible from the road. Its believed that Hyder Ali and Peshwa Madhav Rao fought a war here. Though the hill is accessible from a nearby village, the nearest path is from the highway. The climb is tough initially because of the loose gravel. But the path becomes rocky as you climb, thus giving a better foothold. Halfway up the hill, the two outer layers of the fort come into view. The fort is believed to have been built by Chikkadevaraya Wadiyar in the mid-17th century.